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Hunger Games, Mutton Chops, and Monocles

“You – a top notch babe with legs going all the way up to your butthole. You were reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy – my favourite, where Katniss really starts to kick some serious poon-tang – and wearing a top that did wonders both for your knockers and my turgid man pole. I think it said Hollister on it, is that in California? Surfing is way sick. I could tell by your shirt that you thought so, too.

Me – a three at best with mutton chops all the way out to the person sitting next to me. I was wearing a monocle and re-reading the Hunt for Red October. We exchanged glances and I could tell by the way you wouldn’t look at me again that you were intimidated by my chops. A lot of girls are. Don’t worry, they don’t bite. ” Continue reading

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Bjork sang, “My headphones, they saved my life.” But have you thought much about how  *your* headphones are blocking out the city, and people, around you? It’s as though I’m in the city, but I might as well be In My Room, as … Continue reading

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Did I Just Have a Missed Connection?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve had a Missed Connection? Or what makes someone decide to write one? Continue reading

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Transit Collector’s Top Model

As some of you who know me personally may be aware, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is one of my guilty pleasures. Not surprisingly, then, I got a good laugh from reading this post. As even those of you who … Continue reading

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Missed Connections terminology

I’ve been reading Missed Connections pretty regularly for about three years now, since stumbling upon the section while looking on Craigslist for a new roommate in the fall of 2007. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking and writing … Continue reading

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