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Shelter from the #StormTO

As I write this, it’s been raining for about four hours – what’s being called “#stormTO” and “#floodTO” on Twitter. I’ve been home inside, but power outages are scattered across the city, some of my friends’ apartments have been flooded, and … Continue reading

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Bjork sang, “My headphones, they saved my life.” But have you thought much about how  *your* headphones are blocking out the city, and people, around you? It’s as though I’m in the city, but I might as well be In My Room, as … Continue reading

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Deadmau5 Mi55ed Connection5

One of my friends loves Deadmau5. A lot. She talked about his recent show at the Rogers Centre months in advance, and occasionally tries to fit Deadmau5-related concepts into work projects. So when I told her that there’d been a … Continue reading

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A nuit to remember: Missed Connections & Nuit Blanche 2011

Nuit Blanche is like Christmas for Missed Connections. It’s right up there with Halloween in terms of volume of posts – throngs of people walking, biking, and taking transit all over the city, catching each others’ eyes while they look at the art installations and ask each other… “But is it art?” Continue reading

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Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart

In the words of the inimitable Bruce Springsteen, “everybody’s got a hungry heart.” Although “Hungry Heart” was never one of my favourite Springsteen songs, in reading a number of recent Missed Connections posts, I started the wonder about the possible … Continue reading

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A Nuit to remember: Nuit Blanche recap

Nuit Blanche 2010 was not much of a night to remember, for me at least. Deterred by the cold & damp weather, coupled with a bad cold, I sadly opted to stay in and rest for a 5k race the … Continue reading

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