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Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart

In the words of the inimitable Bruce Springsteen, “everybody’s got a hungry heart.” Although “Hungry Heart” was never one of my favourite Springsteen songs, in reading a number of recent Missed Connections posts, I started the wonder about the possible … Continue reading

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Bald hottie at Dollarama – w4m

Those of you who know me are perhaps aware of my penchant for crafts. Yup, I’m publicly nerding out about crafts, but it’s ok, guys – it’s cool now. One of my favourite places to shop for craft supplies is … Continue reading

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Hipster douchebags: A story in five posts

Sometimes, mocking hipsters for being identical brings out just as much conformity in the critics of this so-called group. We all have “types” or particular characteristics to which we gravitate towards in others; the dame below just happens to be … Continue reading

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