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The Madness and Charm of Crushes

“If we only encounter another person in a fairly limited range of situations (a train journey, rather than when they are trying to get a toddler into a car seat; a conference, rather than 87 minutes into a shopping trip … Continue reading

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Missed Connection for Your Hydro

Many of my friends, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow Torontonians, lost power due to the ice storm this past weekend. One tragicomic Missed Connection captures the more pressing need for hydro and heat. Continue reading

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And the award for best Halloween Missed Connection goes to…

One of my favourite parts of Halloween is navigating the city in full costume (via public transit, in particular), and acting as though absolutely nothing about my appearance is unusual. As I took the bus to a friend’s party on Friday … Continue reading

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Shelter from the #StormTO

As I write this, it’s been raining for about four hours – what’s being called “#stormTO” and “#floodTO” on Twitter. I’ve been home inside, but power outages are scattered across the city, some of my friends’ apartments have been flooded, and … Continue reading

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The Odds of Finding Your Soulmate

“How many people are out there that you could love?” That’s the question posed by a video from a new PBS digital series It’s Okay To Be Smart, featured today on Brainpickings. In fact, it’s really more of a calculation of your … Continue reading

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Missed Connections That Will Hopefully Never Re-Connect

Some Missed Connections are so ill-advised that you hope they never meet again. I laughed a lot at this round-up of terrible/ridiculous posts. Enjoy! Source: happyplace.com

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#FindAndrew: Caron Court seeks airport Missed Connection!

Most of the time, Missed Connections are anonymous. But does going public with your search increase the chances of successfully finding the object of your affection?

Torontonian/avid social media user Caron Court has asked friends and followers to help her find a man she recently met at the airport en route to Costa Rica. Continue reading

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