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One of the Million Jerks Wearing Plaid at Neutral Milk Hotel

The last few years have brought a wonderful run of unexpected reunions of some of my favourite bands. Last night, I finally got to see Neutral Milk Hotel perform. I was focused on the band, but others were more distracted … Continue reading

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And the award for best Halloween Missed Connection goes to…

One of my favourite parts of Halloween is navigating the city in full costume (via public transit, in particular), and acting as though absolutely nothing about my appearance is unusual. As I took the bus to a friend’s party on Friday … Continue reading

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Patriarchy-crushing feminist wait staff

“Girls who wear black-framed glasses and want to crush the patriarchy are neat-o.” Continue reading

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A Preponderance of Polka Dots!

With a title about polka dots, I know the question on the tip of your tongue is: has there been a Missed Connection for a girl in an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini? Before you go any further, … Continue reading

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A Karaoke Missed Connection

I’m a not-so-closeted karaoke fan/participant. I haven’t got any vocal chops*, but I’ve made some dear friends through attending Jason Rolland‘s “#LoserKaraoke” event at Grindhouse Burger Bar. I wasn’t present last week, and I’m moderately disappointed that I missed this … Continue reading

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Hunger Games, Mutton Chops, and Monocles

“You – a top notch babe with legs going all the way up to your butthole. You were reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy – my favourite, where Katniss really starts to kick some serious poon-tang – and wearing a top that did wonders both for your knockers and my turgid man pole. I think it said Hollister on it, is that in California? Surfing is way sick. I could tell by your shirt that you thought so, too.

Me – a three at best with mutton chops all the way out to the person sitting next to me. I was wearing a monocle and re-reading the Hunt for Red October. We exchanged glances and I could tell by the way you wouldn’t look at me again that you were intimidated by my chops. A lot of girls are. Don’t worry, they don’t bite. ” Continue reading

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Bjork sang, “My headphones, they saved my life.” But have you thought much about how  *your* headphones are blocking out the city, and people, around you? It’s as though I’m in the city, but I might as well be In My Room, as … Continue reading

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