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“You Asked To Bite My Butt:” NYC’s blurst NYE Missed Connections

My friend Becca sent along this terrific NY Magazine post featuring the best and worst Missed Connections from New Year’s Eve, and there are some real highlights here. It’s hard to argue with the drunken silliness of someone asking to bite a … Continue reading

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And the award for best Halloween Missed Connection goes to…

One of my favourite parts of Halloween is navigating the city in full costume (via public transit, in particular), and acting as though absolutely nothing about my appearance is unusual. As I took the bus to a friend’s party on Friday … Continue reading

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Going on a Field Trip: Broken Social Scene Missed Connection

*Updated June 11* Two more Field Trip Missed Connections posted! See below. I’m currently basking in the happytired glow of a wonderful weekend, which included attending Arts & Craft’s terrific Field Trip music festival yesterday. As at most concerts, I took … Continue reading

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Grand Central Station Missed Connections party

Given the sheer number of Missed Connections that happen in transit, it’s fitting that a themed Valentine’s Day party takes place in one of the world’s major transit hubs.New York City’s Grand Central Station will host the MTA’s third annual … Continue reading

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A stream of consciousness response to a hipster-y Missed Connection

1. A post like this could’ve been written by almost any number of my female friends, and at times, conceivably even by me. (It’s been pointed out that almost every fellow I’ve dated has had a beard, fwiw.) 2. I’m … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is Coming to…Missed Connections?

I wouldn’t have figured Toronto’s Santa Claus parade to be a great place to scope out cute strangers – you’re surrounded by children, after all (won’t somebody please think of the children!). Or maybe the presence of children means you … Continue reading

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People make all kinds of excuses for not striking up conversations –  they didn’t have an opportunity to chat, were unsure whether someone was single/interested, or didn’t want to seem creepy, to list a few of the usual justifications in … Continue reading

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