About Me

Friends have introduced me at parties with this description: “This is Jess – she’s that girl I was telling you about, the one that studies Missed Connections.” Acquaintances and strangers alike send me their favourite Missed Connections-related content.  Yes, I’ve become *that girl.* It’s lovely and comical to have become known as someone who is utterly fascinated by the romance and desperation of anonymous messages on a free forum, but so it goes.

I started reading Missed Connections around November 2007. What began as a secret, guilty pleasure turned into a not-so-secret pleasure. When it came time to choose a research project in my PhD program, I took my obsession to the next level, studying Missed Connections intensively over the course of a year.

I later left grad school, but I decided to keep up with Missed Connections and share the bizarre and fun posts, and Missed Connections-related content I come across, through this blog.

If you don’t know much about Missed Connections, you may want to check out my introduction for an explanation of Missed Connections.

If you’ve come across a great Missed Connections post, or you find other neat & relevant stuff, I’d love to hear from you at jessleighcollins [ at] gmail. com.



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