One of the Million Jerks Wearing Plaid at Neutral Milk Hotel

The last few years have brought a wonderful run of unexpected reunions of some of my favourite bands. Last night, I finally got to see Neutral Milk Hotel perform.

I was focused on the band, but others were more distracted by those around them. Fun fact!: this Missed Connection took place within mere metres of where I stood, right near the sound booth.

Neutral Milk Hotel m4w

(click to expand)

Quoting lyrics from a favourite* Neutral Milk Hotel song is a nice framing to this post, but I sort of loathe when women are described as doll-like. But, this fellow at least gets points for the higher-than-usual attention to detail; the subject of the post might actually be able to recognize herself from the description.

He unfortunately isn’t so helpful in describing** himself, but like so many Missed Connections, he’s taken the fallback approach of ‘just putting it out there’ rather than risking rejection by talking to her. Same old story.

*As I realized in conversation with my friend last night after the show, every NMH song is my favourite NMH song in the moment I’m listening to it. 

**Most of my past boyfriends would blend right into the beards ‘n glasses set that made up the audience, so make of that what you will.

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