Missed Connection for Your Hydro

Many of my friends, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow Torontonians, lost power due to the ice storm this past weekend. My only inconvenience was a train delay of several hours. While waiting, I was kept in good spirits by reading the countless Twitter and Facebook offers of warm shelter, electricity, and food to friends and strangers who were without any of the above.

As with other storms this year, weather disasters had a way of interrupting our usual city-dweller aloofness to strangers. I’ve yet to see specific posts about strangers meeting up as a result of the ice storm. However, one tragicomic Missed Connection post, shared with me by my friend (via Reddit/Imgur), captures the more pressing need for hydro and heat.

Missing... my power

I feel pretty powerless to assist, but my Christmas wish is for everyone to spend the holidays safe, warm, fed, illuminated, and in the company of loved ones. Take care out there. xoxo jess


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