And the award for best Halloween Missed Connection goes to…

One of my favourite parts of Halloween is navigating the city in full costume (via public transit, in particular), and acting as though absolutely nothing about my appearance is unusual.

As I took the bus to a friend’s party on Friday night, dressed as “Zooey Undeadschanel” (zombie Zooey Deschanel), in my best attempt at zombie makeup, I wondered if someone might be intrigued by me in my costume. I then caught a glimpse of my walking dead self and promptly put any hopes of a Halloween Missed Connection about me to rest.

But this definitely wasn’t the case for some other revellers leading up to Halloween, resulting in my other favourite part of Halloween, Missed Connections.

Best Halloween Missed Connection

There wasn't another priest like you

Sometimes, my favourite Halloween post is due to best costume, but it was the very clever final line which earned this post the top spot this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the others. This is a small sample, but we’ve got a few throwback pop cultural costumes – is there a hint of nostalgia in the air?

Fly Saturday Night

To the girl in the baroness costume

Go Go Power Rangers

Saturday night - Church Street - I was in costume

A GO Train ride, I was dressed as Joker, you were doing magic tricks!

Oct. 26 - Met in elevator in same apt building (purple and zombies)

Beautiful blonde at Steamwhistle Halloween party

Jessica Rabbit at Schuey's Halloween Party

Since it’s *officially* Halloween today (hurray!), who knows, maybe we’ll see some more pop up. In the meantime – in case you’re searching for a last-minute costume idea – why not check out these attention-grabbing costumes from Missed Connection Halloween’s past?

Happy Halloween!

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