How Do You Say “Love Train” in Czech?: Prague Metro Introduces Singles Dating Cars

Prague Metro

Photo via Spiegel Online

Six years ago, I visited Prague, home to some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world. While my friends and I chatted with an Australian guy and gal on the Metro (we wondered at first if they were Czech; they wondered the same of us; we all had a good laugh) and hung out with them for two nights, it’s not usually that easy to talk to people, let alone make instant friends, on a subway.

It’s long been apparent that one of the most prominent settings for Missed Connections is public transit. But now, Prague is implementing designated “dating carriages” on metro trains to make it easier to meet other singles, according to Der Spiegel.

Organizers hope that the trains will encourage drivers to take transit, and that this might ultimately help boost the low marriage rate.

Most transit trips are relatively short in Prague, so the odds of meeting anyone are probably still low. Yet it’s neat that this removes at least one of the primary obstacles of chatting up a stranger on the subway – not knowing if they’re available. (It seems like it would also be easy for less-than-faithful partnered riders to try to pick up as well, but I’d imagine that’s not unique to these designated cars.)

I’d be curious to see how many people are willing to publicly “out” themselves as being single by riding in these dating cars, but on the flipside, the chance of a Metro meetcute might be worth it. And even if not, at least riders still get to enjoy the beautiful Prague Metro – something that definitely makes me swoon.

Hat tip to @pretavoyager for sharing the story.

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