Documentary lovers unite! (Or do they…?)

I am a big fan of documentaries, and of Toronto’s annual Hot Docs festival. I basically have a standing birthday gift request for a pass, and I’m currently in the full throes of the fest – I’ve seen four documentaries in the last five days (and at least a couple more to go).

Standing in line at the Lightbox theatre this weekend, it struck me that it should probably be a good occasion for Missed Connections, or hopefully for actual connections. After all, you’ve got time to chat, as well built-in conversation fodder – “why’d you choose this film? what else have you seen?” – and so forth. Given the impressive range of films, attending the same documentary means you’re quite likely to have something in common with another festival goer.

So, sure enough, I checked Missed Connections, and there have been a few so far, including one at the box office, weeks in advance.

Hot Docs Missed Connection

Hotdocs, Bloor 9:15 line – continental – m4m – 35

Hot Docs Missed Connection

Hot docs on Bloor – w4m – 47 (Bathurst/Bloor)

Hot Docs Missed Connection

hot docs box office – m4m – 28 (hot docs box office)

Hot Docs Missed Connection

hotdocs lover – – w4m (isabel bader theatre)

Enjoy the rest of the festival, and here’s to not missing those documentary connections.

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