#FindAndrew: Caron Court seeks airport Missed Connection!

Most of the time, Missed Connections are anonymous. But does going public with your search increase the chances of finding the object of your affection?

Torontonian/avid social media user Caron Court has asked friends and followers to help her find a man she recently met at the airport en route to Costa Rica.

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 4.45.11 PM

This story at first reminded me of local resident Fiona, who last year put up posters seeking a man she’d met (but who ultimately ended up not being single) – although Caron has taken it a step further by fully identifying herself.

As reported by canada.com, Caron’s post has gone viral (a couple of friends brought it to my attention), and as of now, has been shared 319 times on Facebook, and mentioned with the Twitter hashtag #FindAndrew. Another woman has also come forward on Twitter, sharing a similar quest to find a man named Craig (#FindCraig).

Many of us have kicked ourselves at one time or another for not connecting when we had the chance – and it’s terrific to see people using all available resources to make up for their lost opportunities. Although as Caron herself noted, it’s helpful to keep a pen, or business cards, on hand for just these moments.

Good luck, Caron!

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