Grand Central Station Missed Connections party

Given the sheer number of Missed Connections that happen in transit, it’s fitting that a themed Valentine’s Day party takes place in one of the world’s major transit hubs.New York City’s Grand Central Station will host the MTA’s third annual “Valentine’s Day Party for Lovers in Transit,” where hopeful romantics can mingle.

Missed Connections Sophie Blackall

“Grand Central, You and Me” by Sophie Blackall

As reported by the Prospect Heights Patchthis is the first time the event has been held at Grand Central, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Artist Sophie Blackall, who designed a poster for the MTA (and whose Missed Connections pieces I adore), will be present, signing copies of her book. New York Times columnist Alan Feuer will read poems inspired by Grand Central Station-related Missed Connections. How great is that?

Beyond the obvious delightfulness of this event (Missed Connections + transit = swoon), this caught my eye because it’s like a more organized, grand version of the proposed Valentine’s Day meet-up two years ago at BMV bookstore in the Annex in Toronto, and earlier (non-Valentine’s) event at The World’s Biggest bookstore. I still love the idea of organized chance meetings, and would love to see a large-scale event like the one at Grand Central here. Perhaps at Union Station?

If you’re in the mood for a little more transit, and transit love, you’ll enjoy the New York Transit Museum’s Tumblr collection of love stories related to Grand Central. Very sweet.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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