A Preponderance of Polka Dots!

With a title about polka dots, I know the question on the tip of your tongue is: has there been a Missed Connection for a girl in an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini?

Before you go any further, the answer is no (sadly!).

Yet, the ladies of Toronto have certainly been rocking polka dot dresses lately, catching the attention of gents and gals alike.

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I’m going to suggest a couple of reasons why there might be so many posts about women in polka dots:

  1. It’s a perennially popular print, so there’s just a lot of it out there, particularly so for sundresses. (And, among an unscientific sample of guys I know, sundresses are definitely considered eye-catching).
  2. It’s a print that most people can name, even if they’re not very savvy about clothing. (I’ve taken the liberty of including the post describing “a white dress on with coloured patterns,” because that sure sounded like polka dots to me.)

All these posts have me wondering if I should be wearing polka dots more often, too…

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