Tragedy & Compassion

Like many others, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the shooting at the Eaton Centre last night. It was pretty intense to see updates on Twitter, shared from people actually in the mall at the time.

I don’t really have adequate words to capture how upsetting these kinds of happenings are. My thoughts are with the families of the deceased and injured, as well as the people who were present.

I’m also aware of how rare these kinds of tragedies are in Toronto, relative to many other cities — most of us are fortunate enough that such events are not part of our daily lives.

I somehow felt like this was a reminder to look out for one another just a bit more, whether it’s strangers or close confidantes — you never know what might happen. I was touched when a friend texted me last night to make sure I was alright; I felt the kindness in someone doing a roll call to ensure the people in his life were alright.

Though this Missed Connections post was unrelated to the shooting, I wanted to share it because I took comfort in seeing evidence of compassion elsewhere, too, amongst strangers:

Maybe we need to share more of this sort of kindness with the people in our lives, and the people with whom we share a terrific, and generally fairly safe, city.

EDIT: I felt a bit muddled writing this, but I think what I wanted to get across was that Toronto needs less of that (shootings), and more of this (people being kind). We can’t individually change the former, per se, but we can each contribute to the latter.

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