Fiona seeking Jeff from Leslieville

If you’re like me (and I hope for your own sake that you’re not), you tend to see Missed Connections all around you.

This poster from Leslieville is, of course, a bit more analog than your typical Missed Connections post, but it shares the same structure – whom the writer is looking for, where & when they met, details about the guy, and a request for verifying information.

I quite like it – it’s like a mashup of lost pet posters and Missed Connections. While I can’t imagine this approach becoming as common as Craigslist posts, I think it’s actually a great idea.

The audience for Missed Connections posts is relatively slim, and the sheer number of submissions means Fiona’s post on Craigslist will quickly be bumped to the bottom of the page. Instead, this hyper-local placement in Jeff’s neighbourhood increases the chances he’ll see it. And through the wonders of the interwebs, the odds someone who knows Jeff (if not the Ottawa-born Leslieviller himself) will see it are dramatically amplified.

Well played, Fiona.

Photo by Reddit user delaynomoar (& also spotted on Toronto Life)

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