Nintendo Nostalgia Party

I’m fairly prone to nostalgia.

The following post sounds like a pretty epically nostalgic conversation went down at the Madison (yep, it’s a bottomless well of Missed Connections). It also made me recall The Wizard, a movie dear to my heart.


The thorough description of the Nintendo-centric conversation brought on a flashback of pooling my allowance with my brother to purchase a used NES from The Games Exchange as a kid, and watching little Jimmy beat the kid with the Power Glove (Lucas Barton). I’m nearly tearing up, just thinking about that scene at the giant dinosaur.

This Missed Connection is a good example of the strong capacity for shared cultural memories to draw us in (including me, and I obviously wasn’t present during this conversation). Childhood memories hit a particular nerve, and in this instance, it sounds like Nintendo played a particular role in the girl’s life.

I’m compelled to wonder how much of this would-be connection – or others like it that we might experience – is tied up more in finding someone who knows these same “stories,” and less in a real interpersonal connection.

Given the common touchpoints within a cohort and a culture, wouldn’t it be pretty easy for someone to stumble through a bunch of movies, tv shows, and games from a given era, until they found a common point of interest?

Maybe that’s what people do, anyway, already.

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