Madison Muppet Missed Connection

I unabashedly love The Muppets.

Now, I’m not saying I’d fall head over heels for someone who flirted with me by discussing the physics of Gonzo’s cannon ball stunts, or whether and why Kermit the Frog is a terrible boyfriend, but I’d be at least a little smitten, were I the female subject of the following Missed Connection:

I’m curious as to why the writer, ‘Jason,’ was carrying Fozzy Bear-themed paper with him to a bar.

I’m suspicious of 34-year-olds who go to the Madison.

I’m disappointed that although presumably the slip of paper had his number on it, she just didn’t call.

I guess the Muppet connection just wasn’t mutual.

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One Response to Madison Muppet Missed Connection

  1. Someday, he’ll find it… A Muppet connection
    That lover… that dreamer… for he.

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