Deadmau5 Mi55ed Connection5

One of my friends loves Deadmau5. A lot. She talked about his recent show at the Rogers Centre months in advance, and occasionally tries to fit Deadmau5-related concepts into work projects. So when I told her that there’d been a few of Missed Connections from the recent Toronto show, her face lit up.

Now, for a show with more than 20,000 attendees, three Missed Connections is not a lot… but given the possibility than many of the people were, um, enhancing their experience one way or another, three isn’t too shabby.

Of the three posts, the first one is my favourite. Things that make it excellent are as follows:

    1. The writer’s Deadmau5 ears were stolen (presumably she didn’t want to make another pair, and would rather just like them back, please).
    2. “You flashed your business card” conjured memories of American Psycho, at least for me.
    3. “Developers are sexy!” is a terrific, and seldom-used line. Ladies & gents, I encourage you to try it, and let me know how it works out.

The next one one is fairly generic… except that the fellow lied about his age. Who tells a girl they’re 3 years younger, and why’d he act so strangely about it? This seems like one of those odd “confession” posts in which you suspect the writer is absolving themselves, rather than genuinely trying to connect.

I love the brevity of this last one. I’m imagining some Romeo & Juliet-like moment of our connection-missing lovers been torn apart by the guy’s friends…it’s so simple but expressive.

Regardless of whether these crazy kids re-connect, it sounds like it was a great party.

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