Occupy Toronto

I’ve been feeling a little bit “1%” lately.

When Toronto’s Occupy protests began several weeks ago at St. James Park, I was horseback riding in the Azores. When a friend invited me to a march yesterday, I declined – I was on my way to buy a new television. I blurted out “Happy shit-disturbing!” which I can only hope is a protest-appropriate well-wishing.

It’s not that I don’t support the actions of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Toronto, and other Occupy activities – far from it. Moreover, as a social movement, it’s fascinating.

I read a recent NYT article (h/t ronobot) that culls Missed Connections posts from Occupy Wall Street. I’d be shirking my duties as your friendly neighbourhood Missed Connections expert if I didn’t dig up similar Occupy Toronto posts.

For better or for worse, though, I’ve only found one. Happily, it’s a terrific post.

It’s much more cogent than the average Missed Connection – and with common political and economic views, literary interests, and philosophical discussion, it sounds as though these two Occupiers really did have a connection.

I hope they find each other. And I really wouldn’t mind seeing more sweet and smart posts like this one – keep the Occupy Toronto posts coming.

Happy shit-disturbing!

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