A nuit to remember: Missed Connections & Nuit Blanche 2011

Nuit Blanche.

The mere words elicit immediate, diverse reactions, including:

1. “Nuit Blanche is my favourite night to go out and brag about how I was at all the best things on the first Nuit Blanche.” (Note: This is an actual, albeit joking, quote from a friend)

1b. “Nuit Blanche was better the nth year. Now there are too many drunken 905’ers/terrible exhibits/it’s not worth it/[complaint of your choice here].”

2. “I don’t ‘get’ art.”

3. “Let’s do this!! I’ve downloaded the app and planned out a route. But we’re going to have to wait until 4am to see [name of exhibit – but usually whatever is at Lower Bay Station] so the crowds will have gone home!!”

However, if you were me, you’d have a much different reaction. As I noted in advance of Nuit Blanche this year (and by noted, I mean tweeted), Nuit Blanche is like Christmas for Missed Connections. It’s right up there with Halloween in terms of volume of posts – throngs of people walking, biking, and taking transit all over the city, catching each others’ eyes while they look at the art installations and ask each other… “But is it art?

I think we’ve got a pretty good haul of posts this year. Rather than picking the weirdest or cutest ones, I’ve decided just to give you the whole lot, for your re-connecting and/or voyeuristic convenience. I’ve handily grouped them by category, so if you’re wondering whether that cute fellow wrote a message for you, you can jump to the appropriate section. You can click on the images to enlarge them.



I hear that “Honey, I’m Home” was a good exhibit – sorry I missed it!

“Popped your balloon” has obvious euphemism written all over it.

This post is at least one or two standard deviations about the average word count in Missed Connections. Brevity is obviously not her strong suit – but it might be related to the 1:22AM time stamp. Pro-tip: Like all writing, it’s worth editing things you write late in the night, for clarity and coherence.

This young woman didn’t run into the guy at Nuit Blanche, per se, but she seems to have been in the overstimulated/exhausted mindset of Nuit Blanche’rs.

Thanks to @tapesonthefloor for pointing this one out to me. I’m going to assume this one is a bit more on the “made up” continuum of Missed Connections… but whether ‘real’ or not, it’s a definite “WTF?!” post. If I were the guy, I’d run as fast and as far as I could. 


Men! I’m a bit disappointed in you M4M gents. In terms of overall Missed Connections, the M4M is often a close second to M4W in terms of number of posts (and in terms of gym-goers, M4M definitely gets the trophy). Only *one* Nuit Blanche Missed Connection?

I can only hope it means a lot of guys did not miss their connections, and actually struck up a conversation.

Last year, I wrote about the FOMO of missing Nuit Blanche. Despite the simplicity of this post, something about it (ok, it was the marshmallows) made me feel like I missed out on this exhibit. Or maybe I just like marshmallows.


Yikes. This one is kind of a bummer, but I guess it’s worth noting that at lot of people don’t even miss a connection – after all, you can’t bump into a cute stranger if you don’t leave your house. I hope the evening turned around for this guy.


Unsurprisingly, M4W is the category with the most posts from Nuit Blanche. Whom did the straight men notice at this year’s Nuit Blanche?

Umm…stay classy, Toronto?

I have to disagree with “you’ll definitely know if this is you,” but I wish the gent good luck. Though eye contact doesn’t necessarily equate to a unique Missed Connections moment.

Sometimes Missed Connections are simple but oh-so-cute. This falls into that category.

“Not the first time I’ve seen you” = a stalker-ish way to begin a Missed Connections post. Kind of intense. But props on his gray tweed jacket and black glasses – at least he was looking sharp.

I only saw photos of the drummer in the car exhibit, but it looked cool. Pro-tip: next time, describe the subject of the post with more detail – a hat and scarf don’t uniquely identify anyone in the chill of an early fall night.

Not to argue over logic here, but I don’t really get how the woman’s ass “proved” how amazing it was. If anything, it sounds like they merely left little to the imagination.

“You had me at Uggs…”

This post is just confusing. Who is Mike?

The 144 consecutive renditions of “Smells Like Teens Spirit” was kind of awe-inspiring. I stayed at the Toronto Underground to watch 3 or 4 iterations, and I can’t say they were all excellent, but this is the kind of ridiculous and incredible stuff that makes Nuit Blanche worth checking out.

I’m not sure why he figures she got the Joy Division shirt at the Peter Hook show, but if she’s just gotten it, is she some kind of johnny-come-lately post-punk fan? I know I’m splitting hairs here. Either way, it’d be pretty cute for two people wearing t-shirts of the same band to connect.

So there you have it: Nuit Blanche 2011, as recorded in the annals of Missed Connections. Hope you had a blast, and perhaps even made a connection with someone – or at least had a good time debating the merits of exhibitions as art.

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