Read a Book Day: Literary Missed Connections

I love a good fictive holiday. Last week, I cheerfully noted International Bacon Day, and when I learned that today was National Read a Book Day (at least in the U.S.) I felt compelled to mark it in my own special Missed Connections way.

Given the propensity for Missed Connections to occur on public transit, the plethora of reading-on-the-subway type posts isn’t a big surprise. After all, reading is both a good way to pass time/ignore fellow passengers, and it offers a fairly memorable detail – a bit more descriptive and precise than the usual ‘you had brown hair and a black shirt’ sort of information. Obviously, reading doesn’t only happen on transit, but it just so happens that all but one of the posts on our ‘book list’ take place on the TTC. And yes, I realize this isn’t my first post about literary types, but National Read a Book Day is only once a year, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity (And there’s a bonus surprise at the end!).

The above writer is quite opinionated about the other passengers. I’m unsure how the post subject’s particular book led the writer to conclude that she is his type, although seemingly he is the type to make snap judgments about others. Yet, this is a relatively non-crazy message, as far as Missed Connections go.

I think it’s kind of a leap to go from George Orwell recommendations right to Greek mythology, but I guess some guys move quickly, am I right? (j/k)

Now at this point, you might hazard a guess that these bookish types are all a bit more verbose than average. Not so!

But I think the point is a bit lost on this fellow – you should use “what are you reading?” as a pick-up line in person, not on Missed Connections. Fail (?). I don’t know, it just seems like a decent ice breaker to me, but then again, I don’t necessarily have a lot of ‘game.’

Here’s another fellow who also didn’t catch the title of his Missed Connections crush’s book. Addressing the woman’s dog is kinda cute, but then the message just takes a turn for the sad/desperate when he mentions not knowing anyone in the city.

Lest you think only men write Missed Connections about girls reading, here’s a counter example:

I think this is the most sweet and poetic of the reading-related Missed Connections here. Granted, the post is fairly useless in terms of recognizable details, but it’s also got some smart and sexy innuendo going on at the end.

Alright, folks, it’s time I dive into my own reading for the evening – I’ve got a stack of library books that I’m not going to be able to absorb through osmosis. But, as promised, a special treat – but you have to promise that you’ll hit the books, ok?

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