Someone Great: Goodbye, Jack

What a week.

Like many of my friends and fellow citizens, I’ve been deeply saddened by the death of Jack Layton. I watched the live feed of his funeral yesterday afternoon in David Pecault Square, right next to Roy Thomson Hall. It was a wonderful commemoration of Jack’s life and convictions, but sitting under the hot summer sun, I couldn’t help but think of these lyrics to “Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem:

The worst is all the lovely weather,
I’m sad, it’s not raining.
The coffee isn’t even bitter,
Because, what’s the difference?
There’s all the work that needs to be done,
It’s late, for revision.

In catching up on reading Missed Connections after a busy and emotional week, it cheered me to read this message.

While Missed Connections is a forum for crushes and inane rants, it’s also a place in which writers tell stories about the people and moments that had meaning to them. Jack Layton’s great impact on so many of us has been discussed so eloquently elsewhere (including here) that I can’t hope to add to the discussion, aside from offering my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends, and my gratitude for his principled and tireless work.

So now we move forward, with Jack’s spirit of love, hope, and optimism to guide us.

There’s all the work that needs to be done.

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