The Beer Was Not Roofie’d: On Accepting Drinks From Strangers

As a woman, I’ve been taught since birth (and maybe even earlier) not to accept food or drinks from strangers – even though it might look good to eat.

Maybe it’s an ingrained gendered precaution thing, or perhaps this gent was just sufficiently inebriated that a free beer seemed like a good idea – either way, “Craig” ignored sensible advice.

Bad news: The beer was only a 50 (not that I’d turn down a bottle of 50, were I to see it opened by the bartender). But let’s all agree that it’s not the most classy beer which you could buy for someone.

Good news: The beer was not roofie’d.

All told, probably a win for Craig, given his enthusiasm for acquiring a creepy stalker (any other takers?).

Moral of the story: not everyone is trying to get you with Rohypnol. But I still hope, for Craig’s sake, that his girlfriend is not the jealous type.

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