ROY G. BIV: Missed Connections are a colourful lot

What do you notice first about other people? Probably stuff like gender, approximate age, hair and maybe eye colour – but beyond that, it might be tricky to describe someone’s appearance in writing , at least in a way that would be recognizable to them.

Of course, clothing is a bit easier to describe, at least on a basic level like colour and type of garment (believe me, though, I’ve had to explain the distinctions between tights vs. pantyhose vs. leggings to at least a couple fellas, and don’t get me started on green vs. teal/turquoise nuances). The relative ease of describing colour probably accounts for the rainbow of apparel descriptions throughout Missed Connections.

With that in mind, I present to you a ROYGBIV rainbow of colourful Missed Connections from the last few days.

My primary reference point for the word “subspace” is Scott Pilgrim, but alas, no good, clean, graphic novel fun here. Instead, it appears that this was a fetish event. I wonder if the author was wearing anything besides the red suspenders.

Burnt orange is a very precise colour to cite. The rest of the above post is not nearly so specific.

The photographers’ positions on different sides of the barrier is so pleasantly symbolic.

Mr./Ms. crush-on-burnt-orange-leather-coat-wearer could learn a thing or two from the almost frighteningly exacting specificity of the above post. I think I’d slightly creeped out, if I were the woman in the white dress with green bamboo leaves.

So, let me make sure I’m getting this – the man whom this about had highlighted hair? Didn’t “frosted tips” go out of style after the 90s? And yes, the term frosted tips will also make me think of Pacey from Dawson’s Creek [did I just find an Joshua Jackson fan page on Angelfire? Yes I did. You’re welcome!]

A bit of a cheat here – I couldn’t find any posts referencing indigo-coloured clothing, or anything indigo besides the ubiquitous bookstore.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Missed Connections users also fail to use the word ‘violet,’ so I’m substituting purple.

So, I know you’re thinking right now: which colours will give me the best chance of being noticed, and having a Missed Connection written about me? In my very unscientific assessment of recent Missed Connections (it is nearly 10pm on a Sunday night – what do you expect?), it seems like blue and red come up most often. Posts involving orange and purple clothes were fairly sparse. Choosing a bold colour might make you stand out more, but at the end of the day, the colour of your t-shirt probably doesn’t matter as much as a smile and a friendly hello. At least in my (organized by colour) books.

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