NXNE Wrap-up

Despite having lived in Toronto since 2007, this was my first time attending more of North by Northeast Music Festival than the free Yonge & Dundas Square shows. Nonetheless, my NXNE review is a bit different than most you’ll come across. Rather than talking about the 14 or so bands, and 1 music documentary, that I saw during the festival, I’m of course going to highlight the many Missed Connections that happened during NXNE.

For the convenience of finding Missed Connections that might be about you (!), I’ve organized the posts by venue. Likely due to the big name acts and large crowds, Yonge & Dundas was the most popular location for star-crossed crushes to lock eyes. The Horseshoe, El Mocambo, Dakota Tavern, and The Garrison are also represented.

Yonge & Dundas Square

In case you’re wondering, the above post about the disposable camera had an, *ahem* interesting photo attached. Very…artistic.

Horseshoe Tavern

Dakota Tavern

El Mocambo

The Garrison

Note: This one didn’t actually take place at The Garrison, but I like to imagine that maybe Nick from Leeds did indeed see this and attend the show there the next day.

While a few other Missed Connections posts mentioned NXNE in passing (i.e. “I was on my way home from NXNE”), these Missed Connections actually took place during the music festival. I think it’s a pretty good lot, but I may have expected more, since music + packed clubs + booze + extended last call would seem to offer the possibility of additional Missed Connections. However, it may be that music + packed clubs + booze + extended last call = increased hook-ups, or at least increased bravado in approaching attractive fellow music lovers (and thus real, not missed, connections), in which case, good on ya, Toronto!

One final request, or course – do let me know if any of these posts are written about you!

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