Occupational hazards: Missed Connections at work

There are lots of jobs – mostly service positions – that attract more than their fair share of Missed Connections posts. Baristas, bartenders, restaurant servers, and retail salespeople come into contact with lots of people in the course of a work day. By the nature of their work, they are likely friendly towards most of the clientele, which may mislead potential admirers into thinking there’s mutual interest. This perception of returned attraction may account for many people in these occupations being written about in the pages of Missed Connections.

People of all occupations surely are sighted and remarked upon by strangers, but it may just be that they’re not identifiably ‘on the job’ when we encounter them in public. Now and then, however, Missed Connections posts deal with strangers who are at work, but not in the typical service positions listed above.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term (don’t worry, I had to look it up, too), a phlebotomist is a technician who takes blood (Wikipedia). It surely takes something of a masochist to be attracted to one’s phlebotomist, but what with the popularity of vampire fiction in recent years, maybe blood-related lust/romance isn’t so uncommon.

What’s the most unusual on-the-job Missed Connection you’ve ever seen?

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