Missed Connections posts still surprise me

Just when I think nothing on Missed Connections can surprise me…

I’ve seen all manner of adorable posts, creepy posts, if-you-already-hooked-up-why-didn’t-you-get-their-number? posts. You name it, I’ve probably read one or more Missed Connections about it.

But once in a great while, I’m still taken aback. After, let’s see, about 3.5 years of reading Missed Connections regularly, I can still manage to find totally weird Missed Connections, the likes of which I’ve never seen.

And here, ladies and gents, is one of them. [Note: perhaps not for the squeamish]

This post has it all – pregnancy, menopause (wait, what?!), orthotics, bleeding, and… unborn afterbirth? Bizarre love triangle indeed.

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