Let My Love Open the Door

Doors Open is an annual event in Toronto (and elsewhere) which allows people to visit sites of historical, cultural, and architectural interest – many of which aren’t publicly accessible on a regular basis. I’m a big fan – I love the idea of getting “sneak peeks” at stuff you can’t normally go inside.

Of course, from a Missed Connections standpoint, I’m a fan for another reason, too. Special events that bring people together whose paths might not normally cross, which leads to the possibility of Missed Connections.

In the context of non-routine circumstances, it’s not always clear how to interact with strangers. Will people maintain their distance, or do these social barriers relax as they get to mingle in spaces they can’t normally frequent?

Personally, I think these kinds of special events represent a really good opportunity to talk to someone you might be interested in. They’re obviously at least somewhat open-minded/interested in new experiences, and by virtue of having shown up to the same Doors Open venue, there’s a strong possibility of mutual interests.

If nothing else, you can ask them what they think of the building, and what other sites they’ve checked out so far – built-in conversation topics. In my view, this fellow visiting 25 Ritchie Ave didn’t really take advantage of the circumstances. Furthermore, “I got lost in your eyes for that moment” is a pretty cheesy line.

Now, this one is a bit more intriguing. It seems – from the information dispensation – that the woman might have been the tour guide, or at least a volunteer or representative at the Redpath Sugar Refinery. In my books, this is an even better opportunity, because talking to the woman doesn’t even have to be flirtatious – it can just be asking questions or for more information.

In this post from a Missed Connection at Casa Loma, there’s at least a plausible reason for not having tried to initiate conversation. The guy here says he was with someone; I hope it was a male friend, otherwise I think it’s kind of tacky to be eying/writing a Missed Connection about someone when you’re there with another gal. But maybe that’s just me.

At any rate, I commend this gent on proposing to visit another museum or exhibit. He’s clued in to the fact that – guess what! – they’re both at least moderately interested in historical/cultural activities. That’s already a good start.

Thus far, as of the Tuesday morning following Doors Open weekend in Toronto, I’ve only identified three posts as having clearly taken place during Doors Open. I haven’t seen the burst of posts that sometimes happens after special events, like Halloween or Nuit Blanche.

I’m not sure why some events generate more Missed Connections than others. It might be because of the nighttime and possibly alcohol-influenced nature of those events that has people on the prowl, so to speak. In contrast, Doors Open is mainly a daytime event, and the audience is perhaps a bit more diverse – families, etc. – rather than younger people out for a party. Or, maybe there are fewer Missed Connections from Doors Open because attendees did, in fact, use the context as a basis for striking up a conversation. We can only hope that Doors Open… opened the doors to some hearts. *Couldn’t resist!*

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