Cute, Cuter, Cutest

I don’t know about you, but May has been kind of a blah month for me, what with the rain, and the fluctuating pressure (migraine fail!)… and at times I’ve felt like I could use a little extra cheering up.

Happily, Missed Connections provide an unending stream of entertainment. While many posts are quite strange and/or creepy and/or outright disturbing, some of them are so full of joy, love, and humour that I can’t help but smile. With that in mind, I present to you three recent posts, ranked by cuteness. (Cuteness arbitrarily determined by me.) I realized after I’d picked them that they’re all written by women – since w4m and w4w generally comprise relatively lower proportions of Missed Connections post (at least in Toronto), this seemed like an extra bonus. Without further adieu…


This barista’s enthusiasm for her customers – not to mention attention to descriptive detail – is charming. It makes me want to go get a latte or cappuccino from her – she sounds like a joyful person. [Sidenote: does anyone know which cafe this is? I’m guessing Ezra’s Pound, but I don’t know that part of the Annex too well.]


Another cafe-related post. “It only hurts for a second” would sound ridiculously adorable coming from man, woman, child, or Band-Aid commercial. If that phrase doesn’t make you smile, what’s wrong with you? HAVE YOU NO HEART?


Obviously, I’m exposing my personal biases here, but anything with Muppets in it automatically wins. I’m not sure my neighbour felt the same way when he overheard me say that his standard poodle looked like a big Muppet, but friends can confirm that I use Muppet as a term of endearment. I also coined the expression “Muppet Hands” to describe my flailing limbs when I give conference presentations and such.

Admittedly, the rest of the post isn’t that much to write home about, but “You said I looked like a Muppet” is maybe an even better line than “it only hurts for a second.” Clearly, Muppets rank high in my books. Muppets FTW.

Anyway…which of these do *you* think is the cutest?

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