A vote for Missed Connections

Well friends, the writ has finally dropped in the land of Missed Connections. I’ve been carefully keeping an eye out for federal election-themed posts, hoping for a repeat of last November’s municipal elections, but this is the first I’ve seen so far.

Judging by friends’ Facebook updates, it seems like advancing voting is “in” this year – I guess we civic-minded nerds are leaving nothing to chance, braving Good Friday/holiday weekend/miserable rain (at least here in Toronto) to cast an early ballot.

Frankly, I’m not sure it’s entirely appropriate for Mr. Registered Voter here to have told the returning office staffer how he voted (or rather, didn’t vote) — who knows, maybe she’s deeply Conservative blue, never mind voting confidentiality, etc. But perhaps he had to pull out all the stops to compensate for the bear hat?

As always, I’ll be bringing you the best of #elxn41/Missed Connections coverage. I’m really gunning for some vote mobs, rallies, campaign-sign stealing, and of course, polling station-related Missed Connections. Stay tuned, vote early, and vote often!

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