None of these Missed Connections are about me

Part of the pleasure of reading Missed Connections lies in the continual hope that maybe, just maybe, someone wrote a post about you.

I was recently interviewed by a journalism student about Missed Connections, and of course the question came up as to whether I had ever found a post about myself. Fact: Yes, I have. But, it wasn’t a “real” one, since it stemmed from telling someone at a party about my Missed Connections project, and then the gent in question then posted a lighthearted message for me.

But of course, we may always wonder…what about that random stranger? Did THEY notice me? Did my ex from years ago post a yearning message on Missed Connections?

In all likelihood, probably not. But, the stunning amount of replies requesting more information (“initials, please!” “what song was playing?” etc.) does hint that many readers are clinging to the possibility that their name will come up in the lottery of attraction and desire on Missed Connections.

Yet another Fact: In most cases, Missed Connections posts will not be about you. (Not to burst your bubble, or anything…) In that spirit, here’s some posts that, if I was a bit more dreamy, a bit more wistful, I might think were about me — based on the mentions of birthdays (mine was earlier this month) and the name “Jess.”

Ok, glad that one is not about me – I’d rather not have anyone call me “Pooty.”

Or, for that matter, to have someone publicly write about my “booty.” Clearly not for me.

Sorry for the small text size above, but it does say something when a Missed Connection is so long that it won’t display within one browser window.

This one’s actually cute. I wouldn’t mind if it had been for me, but alas – it was a few days too late.

I wonder if people who have found a Missed Connection about themselves are happy with what it says. While Missed Connections have a strong element of fantasy for both writers and readers, I’m inclined to think that even these fantasies might often have a substantial mismatch. If you read a post about yourself, would it really be welcome to read about how hot your ass looked? If you wrote one about someone else, do you consider whether they might have been creeped out by how closely you observed them?

There are undoubtedly all varieties of Missed Connections out there, but even the unlikely-to-happen post about you may not meet your hopes and expectations, if and when it transpires.

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