Sociology student seeks sociology stud

I’m still getting caught up on my Missed Connections reading, but when a friend pointed this one out to me, it immediately jumped to the top of my queue.

As an erstwhile academic, there was no way I could resist posting this Missed Connection from my former department. Judging by the age, this writer (and presumably also the “stud” in question) are most likely my former colleagues – at age 30, you have to hope most people are out of undergrad and on to “higher learning” aka running hierarchical linear models and such until you can barely interpret an R2.

For non-grad student types, you might wonder about the appropriateness of hitting on colleagues. Well, let’s just say that while it might be frowned upon in other workplaces, there never seemed to be any major prohibition against “dipping your pen in the company ink,” in terms of dating fellow grad students.

So, sociology grad student nerds – who do you think wrote the post, and who is it about? Submit your educated guesses below.

For my non-grad student readers…ever seen a Missed Connection from/about your colleagues?

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