Bald hottie at Dollarama – w4m

Those of you who know me are perhaps aware of my penchant for crafts. Yup, I’m publicly nerding out about crafts, but it’s ok, guys – it’s cool now.

One of my favourite places to shop for craft supplies is Dollarama. So much wonderful fodder for my imagination and glue gun, at such a low cost. Brilliant. How could it be anything but a win? And, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone who also loved a good bargain ($1.25 eye mask, ftw!)?

So when I saw the following post, I was pretty excited to see someone else excited about being at Dollarama (for whatever reason).

Seems like a pretty normal Missed Connection, right? Girl sees guy, girl stares at guy while pretending to be otherwise occupied, girl never works up the nerve to talk to guy/ask him out.

The reply post is equally generic and unsurprising:

But then… it takes a turn for the weird, into scorned lover/”that bastard gave me an STD!” territory.

Can’t say I saw that coming, in this particular case. Very often, that’s true (“Charlie! You fucking bitch! We can work it out!), but this one seemed perfectly ordinary.

Now, I’m sure the original Dollarama-shopping gent can’t be the only bald man in Parkdale, so it seems like just a wee bit of a leap to get to this post (by someone who claims not to have been a scorned lover/STD recipient). And honestly, from the sounds of it, the original gal had no idea whether his name was Joe or Gabriel.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time someone on Missed Connections hijacked the original post with a dose of crazy, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But did they have to go and sully the good name of Dollarama? C’mon, people, let’s all be good sports and keep our drama OUT of the dollar store, alright?

Much obliged.


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One Response to Bald hottie at Dollarama – w4m

  1. Matt says:

    +1 for High Fidelity reference

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