Book worms

Perhaps our local literary fans are a bit shy. Maybe it’s that when someone appears immersed in a book, you’re loathe to interrupt them. But at any rate, Missed Connections have been quite common lately among the city’s “book smart” types.

Especially, but not only, in coffee shops. Several of these are reasonably close to U of T – maybe they’re nerdy students getting a head start on the term’s reading. Or perhaps they’re just regular people buckling down on New Year’s Resolutions to read more. Whatever the case, our Missed Connections writers can’t seem to keep their eyes off people whose eyes are focused on a book.

Ah, Franny and Zooey. Because you wouldn’t want to be too much of a phoney and be seen publicly reading Salinger’s more famous work, right?

On the same day, across the street, a self-described “loud blonde” tried to distract a young gent from his reading… just go up to him and say hi next time, wouldya? She’s really not giving me that much to go on – not even the title of the book. Some people, jeez.

A few blocks south, two avid but unknown readers shared a table in silence. Well, maybe it was silent for the poetry-reading gal. But in spite of the post writer’s claimed interest in the turning point of his book, it sounds like his internal monologue was anything but quiet.

I also wonder if he’s the same guy who had a crush on the barista at Alternative Grounds. Notice the use of the relatively uncommon expression “the bee’s knees,” on which I remarked in discussing our forlorn coffee shop friend a few days ago. Maybe he’s been too embarrassed to go back since, so he’s fled Roncesvalles for coffee on College St?

As we venture outside the relative comfort of my immediate geographical neighbourhood, the literary posts get a bit more esoteric. This one doesn’t seem so much like a “true” Missed Connection, in the sense that the writer and intended recipient seem to have gone out once before. And it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to state that they have something of an unusually intimate connection.

And probably just because I’m a (recovering?) academic nerd, I think I laughed audibly when I first read “Perhaps then something fittingly ‘intellectual with a focus on gender. Some Judith Butler.” Just me?

One more, for the road. As with the previous post, it sounds like these two fellows know each other. And like Shakespeare.

Would you forgive someone who apologized in Iambic pentameter, even if they used someone else’s words? I think they’d get brownie points.

Here’s where I should make up some cheesy conclusion about keeping your eyes on your own page or something, or alternately putting down that book to talk to real people. Meh. I say, keep it up, if it generates such verbose Missed Connections. But just let me know what it is people are reading, ok? I’m always on the lookout for a good book.

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