Transit Collector’s Top Model

As some of you who know me personally may be aware, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is one of my guilty pleasures. Not surprisingly, then, I got a good laugh from reading this post.

As even those of you who don’t know me personally might have surmised from reading my blog, I also lovelovelove transit, and subways in particular. So, Missed Connections + subway staff + Top Model… how could I resist sharing this gem?

I can only hazard a guess at what the challenges would be if such a competition really existed. I do recall one challenge on ANTM in which all the models had to be photographed wearing the same dress, to see who “rocked it” the most. That’s almost like having a uniform, so perhaps the TCTM challenge winner is just whomever wears that TTC sweater vest/jacket/cap/etc. the best.

A message to the Pape subway collector (in my very best Tyra Banks voice, obvs): “Congratulations. You’re still in the running towards becoming the Transit Collector’s Top Model.”


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