Craigslist TV: “Trista & Tara’s Missed Connection with a hottie”

I pride myself on keeping up with Missed Connections content. Not just the posts themselves, but anything else about Missed Connections on the interwebs and beyond. I mean, c’mon – I’m one of a small handful of people who has presented research about Missed Connections at an academic conference (as far as I know).

But I’ve slipped up. I only *just now* found some Missed Connections content dated May 6, 2010. #MissedConnectionsnerdfail. And do you know where I found it?

On Craigslist.

Face palm.

Yup, I just discovered Craigslist TV, which has videos purported to be about “real people, real postings.” It’s not all Missed Connections-focused, but does have an episode featuring two twenty-something girls who track down a dude named “Sergio” that they spotted at Subway and Starbucks. See it here.

(p.s. can someone please teach me how to embed a video in a blog post? Thanks.)

It’s not my favourite bit of Missed Connections-inspired stuff, by a long shot. And the girl in the glasses has kind of a grating laugh (it’s equally possible that people say the same thing about me, so who am I to judge).

Nonetheless, I consider it my solemn duty to share ALL Missed Connections stuff with you (check out my list of other Missed Connections stuff). If I miss anything, PLEASE bring it to my attention! Deal?


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