… And sometimes just sickeningly gross

Sometimes, as I very recently posted, Missed Connections writers are disgustingly cutesy.

Probably at least as often, they’re simply just disgusting. I only wish these were as creepy and disgusting as Missed Connections get. The things I have read–oh my! If you haven’t already started, don’t bother becoming a Missed Connections aficionado… save the heavy/dirty lifting to me and continue getting the best of the lot here. [That being said, please do send me your favourite links if you’re so inclined.]

H/t to Jess G. for reminding me of this post. Amid the many, many posts for Teaching Assistants from students (or, vice versa — which is even worse because they should know better), this one stands out as especially wrong. As I commented to Jess, this girl needs some self-respect or something. Gah. So inappropriate.

And then, by way of contrast to the overt sexuality in the former post… fart jokes. A whole post full of them.

Dare I say that some Mexican food from Sneak’s is probably not going to help her situation. {shakes head in shame – couldn’t resist}

Slow clap, w4m 21 & m4w 27, slow clap. Your parents are so very proud, I’m sure.


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