A Very Sassy December

Now and then, I come across a Missed Connections posting spree. The gender and age are inconsistent, and the posts are about different situations, but there’s some kind of unifying characteristic that makes me suspect they’re written by the same person (see also our repeat writer). They’re also often clustered by time.

The identifying characteristic this time around: the word “sassy.”

Why “sassy?” Who knows. But he or she wrote a minimum of 14 Missed Connections posts in Toronto (I didn’t check other cities). Only 11 are shown, as some had been flagged for removal by the time I sorted through my RSS feed and went to grab the images.

Finally, someone “caught” the writer in their sassy spree – but you’ll note from the time stamp of the observant reader that the sassy writer continued to post.

As our prolific MC writer might suggest, have a sassy New Year!

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