Hipsters are too cool for Missed Connections

“You will likely never read this since hipsters are too cool for missed connections.”

Stating that the intended subject probably won’t see the Missed Connection about them is one of the oldest tropes in the Missed Connections book. And it literally is the title of a forthcoming book (I want!), You Probably Won’t Read This: A Year of Missed Connections by the wonderful Sophie Blackall.

Unlike asking someone out face-to-face, one of the possible advantages of Missed Connections is that the threat of rejection is less immediate. I you don’t hear back from the person, it’s easy to write it off on the basis that they never even saw it. It’s always entirely plausible that off course they liked you, too – they just don’t read Missed Connections, or didn’t see that particular post.

I’m unsure why this writer thinks hot Asian hipsters in particular are less likely to read Missed Connections. Just the other day, a friend described Missed Connections as having a certain “hipster cachet.”

However, making this claim up front gives the writer that element of defence: the music-buying girl won’t read see the message, she’s actually straight, etc. In the world of Missed Connections, it’s an acceptable cop-out.

The cultural history/debate around “hipsters” is too deep to tackle here (girl’s gotta get some real work done sometime!), but for fun, I recommend “The Sociology of the Hipster” from the NY Times last month. I think there’s still too much ambiguity over who is a “hipster” to declare whether or not they are likely to read Missed Connections. Not that I see myself as one anyway, but I guess if this post writer is on to something, I guess I’m definitely not a hipster.

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