Philosophy in-jokes

As you’ve probably caught on to by now, Missed Connections posts run the gamut from endearing to disgusting, delightful to inane. Plenty of music references, many occurring on transit, and quite a few based on ill-advised drunken make-outs.

But one thing you don’t see terribly often are pretentious references to twentieth century philosophers.

Now, I have my beefs with Jacques Lacan, but they’re for personal reasons, rather than based on the content of his work (I hold a similarly irrational grudge against the Lacanian-influenced Slavoj Žižek). I don’t really know too much about Ludwig Wittgenstein, to be honest.

All the same, it’s kind of adorable that this pair are bonding at such a relatively high level of academic discourse – and that there was actually a response. Perhaps this connection won’t, in fact, be missed. There’s a case to be made that if you can find someone with whom you can casually discuss the merits of logical positivism versus psychoanalytic philosophy, you should keep them around.

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