You had me at “cleaning vomit”

Many Missed Connections posts have too little detail – it would often be almost impossible for a given subject to recognize that a post is about them.

On the other hand, there *might* be such a thing as oversharing – too much information. Such messages can be borderline invasive with respect to a subject’s privacy. Alternately, sometimes too much detail is just a bit more graphic than readers myself might like (see also: most posts about goings-on in the men’s sauna rooms in gyms).

In this instance, however, the oversharing is mitigated by an attention grabbing title. How can anyone resist reading a Missed Connection with the title “You saw me cleaning vomit yesterday…”?

I never thought of coffee as an antidote to nausea. I guess we’ll never know if it might have worked. Glad the girl’s smile cheered him but, but whoa – more than I needed to know. Also, who is *that* proud of a 2009 Nissan? Is that a hot car in Etobicoke or something? Anyway – let’s just leave it at… you had me at “cleaning vomit?”

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