Post Secret just for you

It’s a gray, blah kinda day here in Toronto, so here’s your brunch-time smile. For the uninitiated, Post Secret is a website displaying postcards mailed in by readers, posted online each Sunday. Not unlike Missed Connections, writers send messages and secrets that they are unwilling or unable to share directly.

Based on the anonymous format of Post Secret, it seems unlikely that this MC writer knows the PS writer personally, but yet, he or she has responded through yet another incognito forum.

As much as there’s a lot of creepiness on Missed Connections, I keep coming back because there’s also a lot of sincerity and real emotion. Occasionally, I get tired of all the “let’s get it on in the gym change room” or “why oh why did you dump me?” posts, and the ensuing rants, so it’s nice to see some compassion mixed in.

I read that it was also recently Random Acts of Kindness week, and this kind of fits in too. As heartfelt as this post is, it also reminds me that Missed Connections can be a way of avoiding sharing the truth. If there’s someone who you can’t live without, or whom you think is wonderful, MC seems like a pretty roundabout way of telling them. People share secrets anonymously because they might be hurtful to the intended recipient, but when they’re messages of love and kindness, is it worth risking that they won’t get the message?


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