Barista luvin’

Ladies, back off – I saw him first.

Just kidding. (But for the record, my first visit to Sam James Coffee Bar was the third day it was open in August ’09, so there’s a case to be made that maybe I did see him first.)

No offense, but this gal needs to get a grip – without a barista’s coffee-stained hands on her lady parts. As a near-neighbour and coffee patron, let the record show that Sam James is a great guy, and not just a piece of meat.

I’m sure lots of folks out there appreciate his fine brew, friendliness, and overall good taste. Yes, he’s got that awesome old-school siphon thing, an occasional dirty ‘stache, he volunteers, and I’m sure some drool over his fixie, too. But it’s just bad form to stalk your local barista.

That being said, if you want incredible coffee, cool tunes, and good people, I totally recommend checking out Sam James Coffee Bar (@297harbord) – tell him Jess sent you. But you have to promise not to be a creeper – deal?

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