Ah, Halloween. For Missed Connections fans, it’s pretty much Christmas. You get your usual sweetness and weirdness, but with bonus hilarity due to costumes, people going a little crazy and interacting in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.

Just like any other day, people bump into strangers all over town and are apt to find certain ones particularly interesting. Unlike other days, the emphasis on dressing as someone or something else has the potential to not only transform physical appearance, but interactions as well.

The continued popularity of “sexy” costume apparel seems to embolden both the ladies and gents out there. Combined with booze, and perhaps too much sugar, the sparks are ready to fly.

As usual, Missed Connections probably represent only a small fraction of the encounters that take place on any given day or night. With more people likely to hit parties, bars, and other festivities, though, it’s not surprising that there are so many Halloween Missed Connections. It’s taken me a few days to read and sort through them (some people are also rather tardy in posting them – Halloween-related MCs continue to appear), but here are my picks, for your entertainment.

Most unexpected 90s boy band costume:Let me get this straight: the writer of this post is crushing on a girl, dressed as a guy in a three-guy boy band along with another gal and a guy? Given that the band in question is Hanson, as long as the two gals were representing the younger two Hansons, then it was probably a fairly accurate-looking costume. I dunno – it’s been awhile since 1997 or whatever, and I was never a big fan (honest).

Award for unintentional twins:

When I first read these, I thought the Promise Party Garth was the same as Beaconsfield Garth, but realized that the latter was a woman. Too bad, though – Garth, a figure skater, and Osama Bin Laden (wait, what?!) would make a pretty bizarre love triangle.

Most narcissistic:Sheesh. This guy won a contest and thinks he’s the best. It’s one thing for MC posts to be about a random stranger, or even a lost love or a rant… but an open call for pictures of yourself? Talk about ego. I bet not that many people even took pictures of him, anyway. (But if you did, let me know – I’d love to see what was so great about this guy’s costume.)

Award for obvious costume that somehow only one person guessed correctly:Have people been living on an island for years or something? How do people not recognize a Lost costume?

Award for most prolific writer:If you’re going to write about two different women, at least pick ones you didn’t see at the same time on the same block. Also, mix up your adjectives a bit – instead of using pretty to describe both a troll doll as well as LiLo behind bars, maybe say “gorgeous” or “stunning.” Perhaps consider working on your gratuitously terrible punctuation as well. Curious how these were posted a day apart (wouldn’t want anyone to catch on, right?).

Best animated tv show costume and reference:I’m not even an avid Futurama watcher, but I thought this one was cute. “Sorry I was such a Fry” – hehe.

Weirdest combination of 80s movie characters:
“Hey, youuu guuyyy-uyyys!” Nothing gets me like a quote from the Goonies. I have to say, I never thought a guy in a Sloth costume would have a chance at picking up, but the world of Missed Connections is full of surprises, I guess.

Award for post that made me go “awwww…”:She was so sad, but said such a sweet thing…awww. No, just me? C’mon, people, have a heart.

“Sweetest” costume/best line:One time, I dressed up as a rhinoceros for Halloween (using a giant mask left over from a high school play for which I won an acting award, just sayin’), and a ton of people asked for my picture. But some frat guy types also commented on my “rack,” presumably – and mistakenly – thinking I couldn’t hear them. Cupcake/ice cream dude here seemed to have a better go of it in terms of strangers’ comments (n.b. click the link for a photo of the dude in all his sans-costume, bleached hair/tanned glory). “omg my dream has come true! a giant cupcake is chasing me!” is probably the best sentence in all of the Halloween Missed Connections I’ve read over the last few days, and not just because it reminds me of Homer Simpson visiting the Land of Chocolate.

Finally, one more – this complainer writer feels that meeting people is struggle, and wonders if it’s due to a cerebral shortcoming. Maybe I’ve got too much Halloween on my mind, but it’s too much of a stretch to wonder if zombies have eaten his or her brains?

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6 Responses to Hallowards

  1. ronobot says:

    psst: I think the Lost/Death one was the other way around–*he* was the only one who recognized *her* costume, which I’m going to guess was this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_%28DC_Comics%29

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