I fought the law… to get out of jury duty

After reading Missed Connections fairly often for a few years, and very thoroughly in the last year or so, it sometimes surprises me that I still find new places and situations that spark Missed Connections. One location I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a MC post: jury duty selection.

When I first saw the post titles, I was hoping for some Liz Lemon dressing-as-Princess-Leia-to-get-out-of-jury-duty antics, but these are not too shabby either.

So glad this fellow shielded us from the evils of swearing – there’s never anything unseemly in Missed Connections posts, and I wouldn’t want my innocence to be shattered now. He might have done the lovely ladies a favour and picked out just one of them – or apparently he fancies himself so attractive that they will all be clamoring for his attention?

This young guy at least had the courtesy to choose one gent from among the many good-looking dudes. I hope “your cell phone on vibrate and it kept going off” is not a euphemism for something else – this is a court of law, people! Have some decency!

Good luck to our  juror candidates – hope you don’t get selected, but that you do find the ladies & gent of your Missed Connections!

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