This just in: #voteTO leads to actual Missed Connections

Breaking news!

Just as I’d guessed/joked/hoped for earlier today, Toronto’s municipal election is bringing responsible citizens together in droves… particularly attractive young folks who recognize each other from around the neighbourhood.

I’m totally nerding out with joy at the presence of this Missed Connection (and in a really awesome polling district to boot *sly wink to friends on the West side of Ward 19*). I just had a feeling there was a place for civic duty and Missed Connections to come together.

I’ll update with any further election-related Missed Connections. With 10 minutes left to get in line to vote (Torontoist is reporting that if you’re in line by 8pm, you’ll be allowed to vote), it’s not too late to meet that cute ballot-caster. Not to mention possibilities for connecting at the post-election victory/defeat/waiting for the apocalypse parties, which you can read about here and here.

UPDATE (7:59pm): Found another #voteTO Missed Connection. Keep ’em coming & give me a heads up in the comments if you spot any!

(10:48pm) Voter with classy denim.

(Tues. Oct. 26, 9:07am)

My unfiltered immediate reaction to seeing this post was “Oh NOES. That can’t be good.” Second reaction: hope it’s a joke. At any rate, here it is, for your enjoyment.



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