Missed Connections on transit: Planes, trains, and automobiles…or streetcars & fixies

With the build-up to today’s municipal election (polls are open – go vote!), I’ve been thinking a lot about what issues are important to me, and which I’d like my chosen candidates to support as well. I definitely value well-funded social services in general, and in particular, accessible public transit is a priority for me. (This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who know me personally – I have something of a casual appreciation for obsession with subways, especially as a photographic subject.)

My vision for Toronto doesn’t emphasize cars. Aside from the pollution, cost, danger to pedestrians and cyclists, etc., that they incur, they are not conducive to Missed Connections.

Of course, you’ll see the occasional car-related Missed Connections post — a shared glance at a stop light, or chatting at a North York gas station — but cars just don’t bring strangers together into the urban pinball game of social interaction and “sidewalk ballets” (I borrowed this latter term from a personal hero & champion of cities, Jane Jacobs).

To celebrate & encourage accessible transit, I’m featuring recent posts of non-car modes of transportation. The subway is one of the most common sites for all Missed Connections in Toronto, so that seems as good as any place to start.

The above post for Steve is pretty generic. It’s a bit curious, though – this young woman says she already went on a date with Steve, so it seems odd that she is trying to “reconnect.” There’s a case to be made that if there wasn’t a spark in the first place, and they lost touch, that it’s a bit redundant to try to meet up again just because they frequent the same downtown areas. Is that too cynical?

I appreciate that this fellow and his streetcar dame referenced Craigslist in conversation. His eagerness is sort of cute, and I always like a good self-deprecating comment (“in case you had like 6 of these conversations last night…”). The non-cynic in me says that the random conversations when you “click” with someone are few and far between, so I give this guy some props. Good luck to him!

Scooters: now that’s a form of transportation that doesn’t come up too often on MC (trust me). And a red scooter, to boot? Good colour choice. Bonus points for flirting with a cyclist, but boo-urns to this writer for “add” instead of “ad,” as well as a slew of text-speak (I would NEVER answer a post that used “u” instead of “you” – yes, I’m a bit of a grammar snob). Note also that the gal on the bike can keep up with the fellow on a scooter for several blocks – nice!

This gal has a big ol’ crush – based entirely on sartorial choices and cycling prowess, without even a glance at heel-girl’s face. If they’re indeed on the same team, maybe heel-girl will slow down to let writer-gal keep up. In terms of hitting on cyclists using MC, this description is streets ahead (Community reference, WHaat?!) of the previous post.

We have a winner for post using the most modes of transportation. This (gender-unspecified) boot-wearing writer stalked his or her bearded zombie crush on the subway, street car, and as a pedestrian. That’s dedication. Now if only they had added skiing into the mix…

Fellow Torontonians: whichever form of transportation you choose, make sure to get out and vote for mayor and city councillors today. These decisions will affect the direction of our city, and play a roll in determining whether cars reign supreme (to the detriment of spontaneous social interaction!), or whether zombies use transit to get efficiently from one haunt to the next.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a civic-minded cutie in the voter registration line…


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