A Nuit to remember: Nuit Blanche recap

Nuit Blanche 2010 was not much of a night to remember, for me at least. Deterred by the cold & damp weather, coupled with a bad cold, I sadly opted to stay in and rest for a 5k race the next morning. Swiss Chalet delivery and watching Project Runway were some consolation, but checking friends’ Twitter updates only increased my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

I’ve only really Blanche’d twice since moving to Toronto a few years ago, but it strikes me as a nearly ideal occasion for Missed Connections to occur. Thousands of people roaming the streets, in parts of the city they may not usually frequent, checking out bizarre art… add in the heaps of coffee and/or booze many use to keep themselves fueled, and you’ve got a recipe for strangers pinball’ing off one another & stealing glances all night long.

Nuit Blanche also seems like a great opportunity for many connections not to be missed. Unlike the anti-social morning commute, all that potential to discuss what attractions one has seen, and potentially long lines should give people plenty of chances to strike up a friendly conversation.

This might have been the case, but luckily for our voyeuristic pleasure, there were still plenty of arrested interactions. Not quite as many as I’d expected – but maybe it means people actually did broach conversations with cute strangers?

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favourites from #snb2010. And because I’m in that kind of mood, I’m going to offer my critiques and clearly biased opinions about what people are doing wrong out there. Bonus!

I love the imagery in the above post – although I didn’t see said fire, the writer gives a good visual of the setting, and there’s something sweet about all the detail he remembers about the be-wigged & be-stickered gal. Definitely a catchy title, too – a step above the average calibre of creativity.

The Missed Connection below has the same location as the previous post, but how is one cute, short blonde girl supposed to recognize herself in this amid all the other short blonde girls that were likely there throughout the night? And sheesh, you want would-be respondents to send a picture or describe your appearance? Gimme a break. If you really want to meet your Missed Connection again, throw them a bone – describe what sets them apart, and why you think there may have actually been a connection…a smile is probably not enough.

Not only that, but the guy misspelled “Blanche.” *Shakes head*

Now this is the kind of Nuit Blanche MC I’ve been looking for…one person said hello, but the writer dropped the ball and didn’t make the connection happen! Well done on attempted interaction to the first guy. These dudes sound like they would make an attractive couple, too.

I’ll accept this fellow’s justification. If you don’t keep up with your friends during Nuit Blanche, it could be a lousy evening wandering alone… or you could just un/intentionally meet up with other pals, which seems to happen often too. Nonetheless, at least there was some interaction beyond a smile. Decent description, but I’d pin it down a bit more by giving more specifics on the style of glasses (is that something straight guys can identify? Maybe they should read more Man Repeller), and who she was with at the time.

While we’re talking sartorial choices, how about canary-coloured denim? Wowza. With that kind of apparel, you must be trying (too hard?) to make a Missed Connection happen. I hope they live happily ever after in their “mutual awesomeness.” Worst case scenario, they can team up to be The Man in the Yellow Hat twins for Halloween or something.

I had a debate with a particular someone the other day regarding whether his shirt was black or blue… I don’t think we’ve fully resolved that discussion. Looks like the gal below also has this colour differentiation issue.

To quote The Smiths, “shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you/From doing all the things in life you’d like to.” No need to be shy! Whether it be random art installations or coffee, there’s almost always a non-creepy way to talk to someone. I have a soft spot for artsy musicians too (it’ll possibly be my downfall), but goodness knows “making eyes” won’t be enough for most fellas to get the hint. There’s a time for subtlety, and a time to introduce yourself. Go for it!

There were many more Nuit Blanche Missed Connections, but I’m callin’ it here so that I can interact with real people first-hand tonight. People of Toronto (and beyond!), don’t let another Nuit Blanche – or any other night – pass you by. Maybe one day, people will just be friendly and brave the possibility of rejection, but until then, we’ve got lots of Missed Connections to occupy us. ‘Til next time, locking eyes on a subway or something…

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3 Responses to A Nuit to remember: Nuit Blanche recap

  1. This post became kind of epic in length… Glad now I opted not to include ALL Nuit Blanche-related MC’s. But, “it’s only once a year, sir. It shall not be repeated.” Bonus points for identifying the source of that quote.

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